Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Leg Attachment

I had a friend request close-up images of my R2's leg attachment. I thought it would be easier to post the images here than send them via email. (Click on an image for a larger view.)

R2's legs have an upright board on either side of his body with 4 holes drilled in them, 3 holes are for bolts and one is for foot motor wiring (in my photos, it's just an orange "stand in" wire because I haven't done anything RC yet). There is a 5th, larger, hole drilled into the center between the 4 smaller holes. A length of gas pipe runs from left leg to right leg, connecting them for stability (the gas pipe also makes an excellent "handle" when transporting R2!)

Here is what R2's left leg looks like from outside his body. The shoulder hub has been covered with faux metallic shelf liner to resemble aluminum. The shoulder hub is actually made out of wood.

Looking down from the top at the outside and inside of R2's left leg at the same time:

The inside view of R2's left leg. You can see the three bolts that hold his leg onto the board which is part of his body framework. The gas pipe that connects the two legs together is running through the center of the holes:

Another angle of the interior:

Here is a shot looking straight into R2's body. You can see the ends of the bolts that hold his legs to the boards with the gas pipe in the center.

I also had some older pictures of when I was painting R2's skins.

This image shows the shoulder hub. It has 5 holes drilled into it, 3 of which I use for the bolts, 1 I use for the wiring, and the larger center hole is where the gas pipe flange is attached (on the inside).

This image shows what it looks like without the shoulder hub in place. You can see the 4 holes that have been drilled for the bolts & wire and also the gas pipe.

Here is a very old progress picture of R2 without his skins. It shows how the gas pipe is connected to the shoulder hubs and how the shoulder hubs are attached to the legs. (When this picture was taken we had shorter bolts that didn't go through the boards in his frame, but have since changed them for longer ones.)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas

With hopes for a Wondrous New Year in 2010!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Star Wars Celebration V!

Finally, Star Wars Celebration V has been announced, and plans are being made! R2-D2 and I, along with my family, plan to be there!!

This year it will be in Orlando Florida August 12-15, 2010 at the Orange County Convention Center.