Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My R2 is a big step closer to coming "alive"! I got my radio, receiver, 2 servos, a dome gear, and dome motor with motor controller yesterday and today (it all came in two packages). I got everything in trade from a friend and fellow R2-D2 Builder's Club member for sewing him a X-wing flight suit.

I'm so excited I'm that much closer to bringing "life" to my little guy. Now, I need a dome bearing* and I'll be able to remotely move the dome!

(The Pottery Barn Kids R2-D2 lunchbox is a birthday present to myself to store my radio in.)

*Being low on funds, I originally had planned to cut down a Sit 'n Spin and use inside the dome (unseen) as the bearing to turn the dome. However, the HPs and various lights interfere with the plastic case of the Sit 'n Spin. I had ideas to cut out the case around the elements inside the dome. However, the Sit 'n Spin bearing hangs up because of the angle of R2's body (& therefore his dome). Sit 'n Spins aren't designed for angles, but for flat on the floor use. So, I'm going to have to come up with the money for an aluminum 17 inch "lazy susan" bearing after all.