Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sunday, August 15th: Day Four

Sunday was a shorter day, since it was the last day. After the group R2-D2 picture on Saturday, I left the Mickey hat on my R2-D2. Since several people loved it and took pictures of my R2 just because of the hat, I decided to leave it there for the rest of the time R2 was in the R2 room. I did take it off to bring my R2 to a friend's commitment ceremony (she & her husband were already married, this was just for fun) but she didn't end up needing my R2-D2 since another had gotten there first with the C-3PO...but my R2 stayed to "watch" anyway.

We were going to leave for home right after the R2-D2 parade, which was at 2:00, but I kept finding people I hadn't talked to yet and it took a lot longer to get going. It didn't take long, however, once we were on the road before all three kids zonked out!

(This is a horrible rendition of the slave Leia bikini, but my kids wanted their picture next to the mannequin anyway...)

On our way home...