Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dome Process

I spent the majority of the time spent on my dome(s) just sanding. And sanding, and sanding, and sanding...which doesn't photograph very well. However, when the more "fun" stuff began, then I started taking pictures. Here's some pictures of my dome process:

Here are the inner and outer domes before cutting any holes in the inner dome.

My husband helped me score the circles with a circle cutting tool on his drill. Then we Dremmeled "tabs" that I could later remove and file & sand smooth.

Holes in the inner dome, ready to have the tabs removed.

Inner and outer domes (front view) with holes all cut and polished.

Inner and Outer domes (back view).

Both domes permanently together, main eye permanently attached.

Attaching the first "pie panel".

Several detail parts have been glued (using Liquid Nails) in and clamped for drying.

Parts drying.

Parts drying, inside view. (You can also see my "Uncle" Don autograph.) :)