Sunday, September 7, 2008


I purchased styrene for my R2's skins in 2004 and cut them out myself using full-scale blueprints found at the R2-D2 Builders' Club Yahoo group. After several years of just taping them onto the frame with masking tape, I finally got to permanently attach them, add all the little panels, and then finally paint them. Here are pictures documenting my process:

Screwing the inner skin to the frame (front view).

Screwing the inner skin to the frame (back view).

Taping the outer skin to the inner skin.

Preparing the panels for taping to the outer skin.

Panels to be placed on the skins.

Before panels (with my son).

The first panel is attached!

Before the panel...

...after the panel is attached.

Back view before panels.

Attaching panels to the back.

Panels are attached (front view).

Panels are attached (back view).

The detail pieces are masked and I'm ready to prime the skin.

Two layers of white primer were applied, and then two layers of Wimbledon White, then three layers of crystal clear gloss top coat.

After the paint was "touchable", I removed the masking tape and paper from the detail parts.